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Performance Marketing
This job is for the social butterflies and the peers for whom the sky is the limit in regards to social interactions. As a part of this team you wil be responsible with engaging with partenered communities and DAOs, disbursing NFTs across the crypto space, reach crypto influencers, podcasts and other Web3 companies to share the Partnr mission and other marketing related tasks. If you are the person for the job, contact us!
This position is made for expressive and self-assured individual. As a developing community, Partnr requires support, both moral and financial. Here is where you come into play: we need someone who is knowleadgeble and confident enough in our community to reach to angel investiors, venture capitals and Web3 grants and funds. If you are that person, we would love to hear from you.
If you know what a smart contract is, how it works and how to build it, you might be the exact person we are looking for. The tasks of this position are as straight forward as they get: we need someone to help us develop the smart contracts within our DAO. If you think you can do it, get in touch with us.
Community Building
This job is as straight forwards as it can get: the community needs you! As a part of this team you will be responsible with building both DAO and Web2 partnerships. So if you are the community orientated person we are looking for, that means you are the person we are looking for.
Community Engagement and Content
If you are one of the creatives and the experimentals this team is for you. Your tasks will vary from consistently engaging with the Partnr community through various social media channels, to making crypto related memes. Because crypto and crypto spaces, we need someone who is brave and committed enough to experiment with our communication means and come up with the best way to say: “We are Partnr!” If you are that person, apply ASAP.
You will join a small and intimate team of experience and independent thinking designers. At the momoent the main tasks of this position are focused on designing the main product our (future) DAO has to offer. If you are interested in joining the team and express your creativity in a flourishing environment, contact us.
As a part of the education team you will be responsible for organising the educational material for the main cohort, deal with the logistics behind our web educational series and come up with as many learning opportunities for the community as possible. If you are someone passionate about helping communities progress in their knowledge with the hope of learning something new yourself, apply to our team.
Partnr Ambassador
As an ambassador, you are one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic members of our community. You are eager to spread the Partnr message as broad as possible and more than happy to reach other DAOs and communities to share our mission. If you are that person, contact us!

To apply for any of the aforementioned positions send us either a 2 minutes video or a 500 word essay answering the following question: “Why are you the right fit?”

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